New in the Maker Shed: Arduino Due

New in the Maker Shed: Arduino Due

The newest Arduino has just arrived in the Maker Shed. The Arduino Due is the first 32-bit ARM powered Arduino and packs a number of high-level features into a low-cost package. The Cortex M3 processor operates at a speedy 84MHz making it perfect if you’ve run out of horsepower on your Arduino Uno or Mega. The memory has also been given a significant boost so it will handle your most complex programs with ease.

The Due features 54 digital I/O pins (12 can be used for PWM), 12 12-bit analog inputs, 2 12-bit DACs (analog outputs), 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports) and headers for ISCP and JTAG. There’s an onboard USB 2.0 interface that allows you to plug in cameras, keyboards, and mobile phones (it supports the Android ADK 2012 protocol.)  The Due even has future support for the robust CAN protocol that’s used in vehicles, industrial automation, and in the medical field.

Besides the speed, my favorite feature of this new board would have to be the high resolution analog inputs and outputs. 12-bit resolution means that the Due will handle audio quality input and playback, so an Arduino driven guitar effects pedal is a distinct possibility. The Audio Library even supports OGG and WAV playback right out of the box, no shield required!

I’m excited to see what projects come from a board this feature rich and capable. Faster 3D printers and other personal fabrication tools, data acquisition and signal processing, drone control, it’s all possible. Do you have a project in mind? Share it in the comments!

(Please note: We only received a limited quantity of boards. If they sell out feel free to add your name to be e-mailed when they are back in stock.)

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