Prepping for Waves and Signs

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Prepping for Waves and Signs

Alex and Bilal have been working on creating their part of a concert with no sound.

Waves and Signs:
A conference and workshop on low-frequency vibration with a performance and dance party. _

A project by Wendy Jacob with students and faculty from MIT and Gallaudet University, school for the deaf.


Photo from Connors934 on Flickr

If you are looking for an exciting sensory perception tonight, head on over to CAVS!

Acting as a silent speaker, a raised floor at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies will be activated to insert low-frequency vibrations into the space of architecture. The floor will be used alternately as a platform, instrument, and stage for an event in three parts.

In the first part, the floor will be used as a platform on which to hold a dialog (in speech and sign) between artists, designers, scientists and students. In the second part, the floor will be used as an instrument in a workshop on resonant vibrations. In the third part, the floor will become a stage for performances and a silent dance party. This project is part of an investigation of the politics of experience.

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