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Get ready to dive into the world of microcontrollers!
Everyone from beginners to advanced users will appreciate all that the Ultimate Microcontroller Kit has to offer. Beginners will appreciate the ability to go from the basics to more advanced projects without having to source additional parts. Advanced users will love the variety and the huge range of projects that can be done using this vast assortment of parts! The 100+ components in this pack have been hand picked by the staff of MAKE to ensure the best possible assortment for your money.


Project Ideas

Here are just some of the projects you can do using the items in the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack:

Project Ideas

For even more Arduino projects and resources, visit https://makezine.com/arduino.

Kit Contents

(From Left to Right)

Microcontroller: Arduino Uno (1)—See arduino.cc for specs, pinouts, and more.


MakerShield Prototyping Shield Kit (1)—Stacks on the Arduino. User-definable components, 3.3V or 5V signals. Build a MakerShield.


Servomotors, micro (2)—Servos don’t spin, they turn to precise positions. These are rated 4.2–6V, operating speed 0.10sec/60° (at 4.8V), stall torque 1.8kg/cm. Wires: brown (-), red (+), orange (signal).


Motor, mini DC (1)—Rated at 1.3V, 35mA, it spins at 16,000rpm. Housing measures just 16mm×6mm diameter. Mini DC motor datasheet.pdf

Motor, vibration

Motor, vibration (1)—The kind found in cellphones. It buzzes about 50 decibels (dB) loud at 3V, 90mA, and will kick in at just 2V. Mini vibration motor data.pdf

Force resistors

Force-sensitive resistors 10K (pressure sensors) (2)—Variable resistors that decrease in resistance when pressed with as little as 2 grams of force.


Tilt sensors (2)—Tiny switches with a metal ball inside that, when tilted 30°, connects the contact points, closing the circuit. Rated at max 6mA/24V DC. Tilt switch datasheet.pdf


Photoresistors (light sensors) (2)—Variable resistors that decrease in resistance as light intensity increases. Rated 150V, 100mW, 16kΩ–2MΩ. Photoresistor datasheet.pdf


Thermistors (temperature sensors) (2)—Also variable resistors, NTC-type thermistors decrease in resistance as temperature rises. Rated at 50mW, 20kΩ–1MΩ. Thermistor datasheet.pdf


Speaker, 8Ω, with leads (1)—This tiny loudspeaker measures just 13mm in diameter, so it’ll fit into almost any project or prototype.


Buzzer, piezoelectric, 12mm (1)—Rated at 5V, 28mA, it puts out 85dB at 2.3kHz. Piezos vibrate when current is applied. In reverse, they generate a voltage when vibrated! Piezo buzzer datasheet.pdf


HD44780LCD alphanumeric display screen, 16×2 (1)—Has 2 lines of 16 characters, in blue pixels over a yellow-green LED backlight, and measures 80mm×36mm×15.8mm. (Hook up diagram and “Hello World” example)


LEDs, 3mm: green (5) and red (5)—Light-emitting diodes are polarized, with a longer positive lead (anode) and shorter negative lead (cathode).


LEDs, 5mm, tricolor RGB (3)—Combines red, green, and blue LEDs to reproduce a spectrum of colors. These have 4 leads, sharing a positive (+) lead (anode). RGB LED datasheet.pdf


Resistors: 330Ω (10), 10kΩ (10), and 1kΩ (10)—Resistors limit current and divide voltage. Their leads aren’t polarized (no + and –). Colored bands indicate resistance value in ohms (Ω) and power rating in watts (W). These are all ¼W. See page 7 for the color codes.

Ceramic Caps

Capacitors, ceramic: 10nF (10) and 100nF (10)—Like a temporary battery, capacitors store electrical charge. They have a max voltage rating and a capacitance value that’s rated in farads (F) and typically printed on the capacitor itself. See page 7 for the number codes.

Electro Caps

Capacitors, electrolytic, 100μF (5)—Electrolytic capacitors are polarized, with one positive (+) and one negative (–) lead. They resemble little barrels.


Potentiometer, rotary 10K (1)—Pots are variable resistors with a preset range of resistance that can be adjusted. They’re also rated by power (W) and voltage (V).

Trans, NPN

Transistor, NPN (1)—This semiconductor allows or restricts current, like a normally open switch activated by electricity. Has 3 leads: emitter, base, collector. 20V, 500mA. NPN transistor datasheet.pdf

Diode, 1N4004

Diode, 1N4004 (1)—Semiconductor that allows current to flow only in one direction, so it protects against voltage spikes. Polarized, with (+) and (–) leads, rated 1 amp.
Tactile Switch

Switches, mini SPST, momentary push-button, normally open, 12V, 15mA (5)—Closes (connects) a circuit tem- porarily when pushed. Otherwise it’s open.

Switch, DPDT

Switches, mini DPDT (3)—It’s double-throw (has 2 closed positions, with 1 open position between) and double-pole (can open/close 2 different circuits).

Big BB

Solderless breadboard, clear, full-size (1)—Trans- parent plastic, adhesive- backed, 2.14″×6.5″, 830 tie points: a terminal strip (630) and 2 distribution strips (100 each).

Mini BB

Solderless breadboard, mini (1)—Has 170 tie points, measures just 1.4″×1.6″ (3.5cm×4.5cm), and fits perfectly on our MakerShield.


Protoboards, 7cm×9cm (2)—These blank circuit boards have 30×24 holes indexed with letters and numbers, copper-backed for soldering, plus solder- ing tabs on 2 edges.

9V Case

9V battery case with DC plug (1)—Includes a sliding cover, switch, 6″ 26AWG lead wires, and a 2.1mm×5.5mm×9.5mm DC plug that fits Arduino (easy assembly required).
Jumper Wires

Deluxe Jumper Wire Pack (1)—65 multi-color, flexible, stranded jumper wires that can be used over and over, with molded barrels and 3/8″ (1cm) stripped ends.


Heat-shrink tubing, 1/8″ dia., 30″— Insulates and protects wire connections from abrasion and the elements. Slip it on, heat with a hair dryer or heat gun to shrink in place.
Female 6-pin

Header, female, 6-pin stackable (1)—Pin headers allow you to plug and unplug components. We chose this assortment to fit the Arduino/Netduino perfectly.

Female, 8 pin

Headers, female, 8-pin stackable (3)
Female, 8-pin non stackable

Headers, female, 8-pin (5)

Male, 40-pin breakaway

Headers, male, 40-pin breakaway (2)

Male, 40-pin dual breakaway

Headers, male, dual 40-pin breakaway (1)

Component Storage Box

Component storage box (1)—Double-sided, 6-compartment case that contains most of the smaller components on this list.

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Arduino Technology
Ultimate Microcontroller Pack

You can find an endless number of cool microcontroller projects and tutorials online these days. The tricky part is finding one that matches the components you already have or sourcing what you need to tackle that awesome project you’re dying to sink your teeth into. So the MAKE staff designed this pack with everything they wanted for their own microcontroller projects. From the Maker Shield prototyping shield to an LCD screen; breadboards to force resistors; tilt
sensor to mini DC motor, and pretty much every resistor, capacitor, and basic LED, this pack has over 100 components covering all the basics and the fun stuff too. It’s an awesome pack for both beginners and advanced users, which is why it’s available with Arduino Uno, Netduino, Netduino Plus, or no microcontroller at all.

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