Build a GML tag recorder, win 1200 euros

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Build a GML tag recorder, win 1200 euros

Evan Roth wants a Graffiti Markup Language tag recorder badly enough to pay 1200 euros for one.

GML Field Recorder Challenge
An easily reproducible DIY device that can unobtrusively record graffiti motion data during a graffiti writer’s normal practice in the city.

Project Description and Design Requirements: The GML Field Recorder Challenge is a DIY hardware and software solution for unobtrusively recording graffiti motion data during a graffiti writer’s normal practice in the city. The winning project will be an easy to follow instruction set that can be reproduced by graffiti writers and amateur technologists. The goal is to create a device that will document a night of graffiti bombing into an easily retrievable series of Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) files while not interfering with the normal process of writing graffiti. The solution should be easy to produce, lightweight, cheap, secure, and require little to no setup and calibration.

14 thoughts on “Build a GML tag recorder, win 1200 euros

  1. Thomas says:

    that would be really cool.

  2. says:

    This prize money will not be easily won.

    There are many industry uses for a tracking system with this kind of precision and ease of use, but I’m not aware of any that are available. Certainly not for under 300 euros per unit.

  3. nurulmac11 says:

    thanks very nice

  4. Simon says:

    It may or may not be art but doing it on someone elses property without permission is vandalism and shouldn’t really be encouraged.

    The terms and conditions don’t exactly scream legitimate use to me with things like this:

    ‘All hardware should be able to be easily concealed within a coat with large pockets.’


    ‘The winning design will have some protection in the event that the device falls into the wrong hands.’

  5. volkemon says:

    Ditto to Thomas.

    Especially after helping a friend repaint the side of their buisness, AGAIN, (to avoid a county FINE!!) after the visit of one of these free spirit graffiti artists. I would LOVE the opportunity to fully express my appreciation of their art directly to the artist.

    I would even share my sudden infatuation with piercings, scarification and tattooing art with them. Lets share art together.

    1. Simon says:

      Volkemon, you might appreciate this story.

      At least here the council (I guess equivalent of the county there) will come and paint over grafitti for free if you report it rather than fine you. That really sucks!

  6. volkemon says:


    THAT is a great story. Those folks in NZ are so much more reasonable.

    Should we catch these fine artists, dancing would be a great idea. A short conga line might work…of the end of a short dock.

    Even if I dont understand it, Art is Art. Grafitti on areas that you do not have permission is criminal mischef, pure and simple.

    It makes me disappointed to see such activity glorified here in the blog, but one must take good with the bad.

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