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Thanks to this post, I’m going to be thinking about that goofy Laser Cats bit on SNL: “In the future there was a nuclear war and because of all the radiation, cats developed the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouths.” But this is LaserPUPS. It’s a servo-controlled laser pointer and Web cam that can be used over the Web to entertain/annoy/exercise your dog (or cat) from afar. Joe, LaserPup’s creator, explains:

What makes the project possible is the iobridge, as it allows me full control of the servos and the small electronic circuit over the internet. To stream the action I installed a small webcam in the room, and to combat darkness I added an X10 controlled light. Finally I designed an interface page for the iphone (using iui as a base) that controls it all, and now my new toy travels with me everywhere.

LaserPup – The Internet Enabled Dog Toy

4 thoughts on “LaserPup – remote dog annoyance system

  1. prediction says:

    In five years, you will be able to rent time playing with a pet over the internet… I’m guessing people would pay $0.10/minute while they’re waiting for their layover.

  2. Nick says:

    Just an FYI they’ve found that using laser pointers with dogs tends to lead to doggy OCD. Something in the way dogs are wired leads to it. Cats apparently aren’t affected in the same way. So knock your self out with the feline entertainment, watch yourself on the canines or you’ll have an OCD light chaser on your hands (this includes even the smallest change from light to dark).

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