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Shush your PC

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Build the Ultimate Quiet PC has a number of suggestions, ranging from cheap to pricey.

Not got enough cash for a new case? Then you can modify your existing chassis. Among the best sound-deadening materials is the Acousti AcoustiPack Deluxe (v2) SE acoustic material kit… It’s essentially a pack of sticky-back foam used to line the panels of your case. It comes in pre-cut packs for a small number of cases, but you can easily cut custom shapes with a pair of scissors.

Maximum PC has a decent article on quieting your computer.

The CPU is usually the hottest component in today’s PCs; as such, it typically requires the most extravagant–and often the noisiest–cooling apparatus. Reducing the amount of noise emanating from your CPU’s cooling system is a huge step toward muting your machine, so let’s examine this hotspot first.

While stopping shy of a truly silent PC in the Maximum PC article, it does provide some handy ideas on how to get rid of that airport ambiance.

Their cover story on 50 Things Every PC Geek Should know is also worth taking a look at.

Silent PC Review also has a number of good resources for the sound weary computer operator.

What are your tricks to mute your machine? Tell us about it in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Shush your PC

  1. tudza says:

    The computer I leave on all the time has no moving parts. It is low power enough not to need a CPU fan and uses a 8GB card for a drive. Sufficient for web browsing, music playing, and bittorrent traffic.

  2. aihyah says:

    trying to quiet a poorly designed/constructed case is a losing battle, and a waste of money that could be put towards a decent and quiet case. no matter how much foam you cram in a bad case it will be loud. acoustically engineered cases like the antec p182/92 types are built solid with multi layered panels. always do the tap test on a case, if the panels ring and sound thin instead of being a dull thud, its a waste of time to try quieting. the antecs also have baffled openings for air intakes/rubber drive mounts/fan mounts.

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    Just use foam carpet padding. It’s dirt cheap. It can even be had for free if you ask for scraps. Hot glue it to the inside surfaces of your case. Don’t block airflow or glue it to anything electronic. Works and is free or damn near free.

  4. James T. says:

    The 50 things thing doesn’t seem to work if you’re not a member. Anyone got a cool hack around it?

    What kind of cash does make make off ads like that?

    1. Chris Connors says:

      No cash exchanged. I found the magazine in the chiropractor’s office. Two visits in a few days and I got the article read all the way through.

      Here is a better link. It didn’t show when I looked before, but Dr. Google coughed it up this time.

      That said, the article was an entertaining read. It was only after poking around on the MaximumPC site that I found the one on cooling, then while looking for a better picture to head the post found the post with a bunch of great ideas as well.

      The idea for using carpet pad is an interesting one. Tapping on the case and listening for rattles makes sense. I wonder about using old mousepads or similar material to baffle the inside of the case. How about using some of that expanding insulating foam for sealing cracks in the edges of foundations? That could work to tighten it up a bit, but you would have to be careful not to get any on the components. The free or nearly free ideas are most attractive.

      Thanks folks, nice feedback!

  5. justDIY says:

    the 50 things links works for me, and I’m not a member.

    admittedly, you do have to click-through from the landing page that is linked above, so you get some ad exposure, I don’t think it is any of Make’s doing.

  6. justDIY says:

    ok, scratch that … 4 pages in and it asks for money

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