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Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make Skype and other VoIP calls using 3G on a jailbroken iPhone:

Yet another reason why I am glad to have a jailbroken phone. Yup, this one is limited to those who are jailbroken, or willing to jailbreak. Anyway, it is possible, even easy to make VoIP calls on the iPhone using a cellular connection, which in my case is AT&T’s 3G network.

[via iPhoneFreak]

10 thoughts on “Using Skype over 3G on iPhone

  1. Tangozulu says:

    Note that you can download the free Skype app from the Apple iPhone app store and make Skype calls through any WiFi network. No jailbreak is necessary at all.

  2. blundo says:

    On a jailbroken phone you can use your 3G connection and not worry about using nearby wifi, it’s Skype on the go…

  3. Larry Y says:

    How’s the call quality of Skype over 3G? VoIP over 3G, in theory, isn’t so great because the latencies under best of circumstances are borderline acceptable.

    1. ebola says:

      Skype over 3G is fine, just a little choppy.

      Latency is a little high, but considering that skype to skype is free, thats a small price to pay. Calls to Australia usually do anyway…

      Of course, this is from the UK. Do you actually have 3G in America?

  4. Tim says:

    Yes, of course there is 3G within the United States.

    Anyway, very interesting tutorial! :D

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