DIY Mirror ball LED lights

DIY Mirror ball LED lights

Mirror Ball On 3
Alan writes – “Here is a simple LED mirror ball project that can be completed in less that an hour and should not cost much money. My daughter is getting interested in electronics and she wanted to make something for her room.”Link.

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  1. Windell_Oskay says:

    I did the exact same thing about five years ago. LEDs work really well for this purpose, especially with a variety of colors. If you’ve got superbright LEDs, It’s actually a bit better to put the them farther away so that their spots each hit more than one square on the mirror ball.

    We made the disco ball with a stack of AOL CDs, scissors, and silicone RTV (aquarium sealant). We glued a wire hook into the north pole and hooked that up to an old gear motor. A good kludge for a party.

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