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DIY Mold resistant ultraviolet bread box

DIY Mold resistant ultraviolet bread box

Jared writes – “This project came from a challenge I was given by a fan of InventGeek. Basically they chose the most common place and mundane item they could think of and challenged me to improve it in a practical way. So how do you improve a bread box? Well for starters I how about making it more useful than just a nice place to put your bread and we are not talking about putting a computer in it. After modding out our bread box I think we have come up with something terribly practical. Worst case then we have come up with a really clever science fair project for you your kid to do.”Link.


  • Ultraviolet Acquiescence – Link.
  • DIY Ultraviolet light source for PCB exposure – Link.

8 thoughts on “DIY Mold resistant ultraviolet bread box

  1. SpaceMooseMasterOfTime says:

    Ultra cool

    I bet if you put a timer on the light so that it ran, say, thirty minutes on for twelve hours off (or somesuch), the anti-fungal effects would not be impacted, plus then you’d be saving power.

    All the bread I bake is sourdough, which contains naturally occurring preservatives, but this UV breadbox shit could totally revolutionize my baking habits.

  2. says:

    It looks like a great idea. Does the UV exposure affect the taste of the bread?

  3. zmoney86 says:

    Extreme care should be taken when working with disinfecting UV lights. These bulbs are geared to have a peak wavelength of 254 nm (falling in the UVC) also known as the highest energy band of ultraviolet light. This wavelength, as well as another (185nm i think??), are especially effective at damaging DNA. There are three bands of UV light, UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is normally filtered out (thankfully) by the ozone layer. UVA and UVB have longer wavelengths (i.e. less energy) but still pose a health threat (skin cancer, cataracts…) UVC is especially dangerous and operating germicidal lamps should be done only with proper eye and skin protection and any equipment made should be designed to completely filter or screen the UV light.

    Those pictures of the bulb on while it is open are scaring me.

  4. banks088 says:

    It should be noted that scientific and medical devices that use UV sterilization typically incorporate a switch such that when opened, power to the UV bulb is cut. UV with sufficient energy to effectively kill microbial contaminants is also very capable of causing severe DNA damage in human cells. Repeated exposure to UV sterilization lights back in the “bad old days” can be at the least anecdotally linked to a rather high incidence in skin cancer in researchers.

    This box really needs to be modified such that the light cannot be on while it is open – allowing otherwise is simply irresponsible.

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