FreakLabs Breadboard, the Non-Profit Edition

FreakLabs Breadboard, the Non-Profit Edition

Akiba from FreakLabs and Tokyo Hackerspace has released a new product, the FreakLabs Breadboard, AKA the FredBoard:

The FredBoard came out of the necessity for a good learning tool to teach people both electronics and Arduino programming at Tokyo Hackerspace. We needed something compact and sturdy that could easily survive being dropped, put away, and handled.

The concept is simple. The fastest way to prototype hardware is by using a solder-less breadboard to put together a circuit and check out its functionality. The fastest way to prototype embedded software is by using an Arduino to write up a sketch using the multitude of available libraries and check out the functionality.

As cool as the FredBoard is, Akiba is designating some of the units as being HackerMoms FredBoards and the proceeds from these boards will go to support the new all-mom hackerspace.

Mothership HackerMoms is a women’s hackerspace made up of mothers that gives them the time and personal space they need to explore their creativity while having on-site child care to take care of the young ones. There are many constraints placed on mothers since they have to constantly look after their children, spend time with them, and make sure that there is adequate child care if they leave their children. A hackerspace dedicated to moms allows the mothers to stay sane, be creative, and do something for themselves without feeling guilty. Best of all, the children get immersed in the creative, maker, artist, and hacker community while they’re young and get to see it first hand from their favorite person…their mommy!

So, buy the HackerMoms FredBoard and help out a good cause!

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