HOW TO – Make an alarm clock loudener

HOW TO – Make an alarm clock loudener

Info_Kill writes – “A reliable (modified) alarm clock that will wake the dead. I put this together after having several wind-up alarms break on me. It’s basically an electronic alarm clock modified to trigger an alarm bell. Since I’m pretty much comatose when I sleep this is just what I needed. “Link.

Perfect for a Monday morning.


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6 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make an alarm clock loudener

  1. BicknellStudio says:

    Anyone have plans for a cell phone loudener? I can never hear mine! :-)

  2. mikiex says:

    Anyone got a mod to make it silent?

  3. joecullin says:

    I have a “mod” to make mine quieter. (It was waking up my baby — her room is right next to mine.) I folded up a piece of foam and put it over the speaker, and then wrapped bunch of electrical tape around the foam and the clock to keep the foam tight against the speaker.

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