MAKE presents: The Resistor


Simple, commonplace and absolutely vital to our electronic world – take a closer look at the current-fighting backbone of circuitry, the resistor!

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The resistor really is a deep and rich topic to explore. There were a number of topics I would’ve liked to cover in this video, but unfortunately there’s only so much time – here’s a few items that sadly, didn’t make the final cut –

  • DIY ribbon controller
  • How to read resistor values, in depth
  • How a potentiometer works, and it’s variants
  • How to use/apply Ohm’s law
  • The Drawdio kit/project
  • dissection of a resistor
  • how to use a light-dependent resistor

I’m curious – what would you have included? Anyone care to post their own additions/corrections/reactions/contemplations/etc in video-form? If so please send us a link!

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