The Latest in Hobby Robotics 05

The Latest in Hobby Robotics 05

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Ignoblegnome, see his robots here:

Frits Lyneborg, host:

Isotope’s Laydybug:

Nuumio’s LadyBugBot clone:

Skaterj10′s Freedom555bot:

Tyberius’s Giger v4 Custom Humanoid Robot:


Here’s a weekly look into what some robot building nerds are doing for fun. In a special edition this week, we are happy to host with Mr. Ignoblegnome as a guest in Frits Lyneborg’s workshop.

Links of interest:

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4 thoughts on “The Latest In Hobby Robotics 05

  1. John Edgar Park says:

    Very cool stuff — I’m really enjoying these videos, thanks for the round-up.

  2. The Latest in Hobby Robotics 05 | How to Videos, Articles & More |How To - Tips for your phone, tablet, computer, home theater says:

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