Is the “FUBAR Xtreme” worth it?

Is the “FUBAR Xtreme” worth it?

I SO wanted the Stanley FUBAR Xtreme, until I saw the price. Forty bones for a glorified pry bar with a weight problem. Apparently, Will O’Brien (of Hack A Day and DIY Life) had similar sticker shock. But he ponied up and began terrorizing the walls of his new home. He’s happy with his shinny new tool and thinks that its added weight (over the lighter, cheaper vanilla FUBAR) and lean profile make it truly deadly for demo.

Is the FUBAR XTREME worth $40? – Link

12 thoughts on “Is the “FUBAR Xtreme” worth it?

  1. Paolo* says:

    I know this probably doesn’t bother most people, but it’s pretty unusable for left handers because of the nail remover at the bottom that would be flairing into your forearm…

  2. gear_head says:

    I’m left handed and I’ve used this thing a lot without any problems, the bottom of the tool doesn’t stick out that much. I saw this advertised in Fine Homebuilding and when I saw it in Home Depot I was really surprised how substantial it is. Worth the 40 bucks and makes a great ‘guy’ gift.

  3. onebitpixel says:

    With this and a “sawzall” you’d be able to take apart an entire house… we used one of these to dismantle and old deck – worked like a champ. Useful for smashing through wood rails, twisting off 2x4s and prying off 2x6s off the main joists… was able to do what a prybar, sledgehammer and steel torque bar all in one. Do not drop on your toes and do wear steel-toed boots.

  4. jswilson64 says:

    I just saw a “review” (i.e., paid product placement) in Popular [Science/Mechanics] magazine of a smaller, lighter, less expensive version. Only $30 for the Fubar Jr or whatever they’re calling it.

  5. super_J_dynamite says:

    The guys at talk about these things often. Apparently you can also use them to open beer bottles so you can subtract the cost of a beer bottle opener off the $40 price tag.

  6. Nohbudy says:

    I am a particular for the Mining Pick + Sledgehammer combo. However this looks very nice, and can second as a self defense (and de-fence) tool.

    So if you walk home late at night, take the price of a mag light or mace off the price tag.

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