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Kick back with John Park as he demonstrates how to upcycle a no-longer-usable shopping cart into an easy chair. This Make: magazine-based project offers an introductory look at how to cut, bend, and shape metal using metal cutters, saws, vice grips, and other tools common to home workshops. John also attempts a “deluxe” version of this project that employs motors and switches to transform it into a “go-kart chair.” View the clip to see his mixed results.

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8 thoughts on “Maker Workshop – Shopping Cart Chair on MAKE: television

  1. Kent KB says:

    Nice Job John!
    I really like how you had a bend go wrong and you included it into the design instead of cutting it in the edit.
    That is a Maker’s way to build, I am very happy you showed that part…. it was real.I built a scooter cart last year for Maker Faire SF:

    I learned a lot from that build, the one half hour of design took a few hours to cut and weld correct.
    Swell show,
    Thank you.

  2. RDAC says:

    Should have gone straight with the grinder, would have saved a lot of time with the nippers. Good show!

  3. John Park says:

    Thanks Kent, I’m glad you enjoyed that. To be honest, as we shot the first few episodes we realized that things were going too well, and secretly hoped some more honest happy accidents would happen. We were overjoyed when things started going off plan during that build! None of it was rigged, but I think it’s interesting to see how people adapt.
    Your scooter cart looks cool, I missed it last year. Are you bringing it back this year?

    RDAC, I couldn’t agree more, grinder all the way next time!

  4. debbie ding says:

    why not remove the wheels first?

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