Latest from Brookelynn Morris

Jam Jar Lanterns


Pick any jar you like, then bend a snug-fitting cage of wire on a custom-made jig.

Almond Paste Pumpkins


It’s easy and fun to create adorable edible pumpkin decorations in no time. Just use delicious almond paste, or marzipan...

Vegan Quinoa Salad


This beautiful and hearty quinoa salad will satisfy any palate. It is richly spiced with cumin, creamy with avocado, sweet...

Old Fashioned


I can’t think of a more perfect cocktail than an Old Fashioned. It’s a delicious combination of bourbon and fruit....

Rustic Woodland Candleholders


Moss, mushrooms, and all things woodland are very popular motifs for design and entertaining. The colors and texture of the...

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