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Upgrade Twitter to 141 characters

Upgrade Twitter to 141 characters


It’s a common problem we’ve all faced. Sometimes 140 just isn’t enough. What do you do when your carefully crafted...

Learn to develop software for Hadoop


If you’ve been curious about Hadoop, the open source cloud computing software, there’s a really great set of introductory lectures...

Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun


Jay from thecapacity created this airsoft robot that you can control with a Wiimote. He’s using Construx for the mounting...

Edit Gmail filters with XML


Gmail added a filter import/export feature recently that allows you to save and load filter data from XML. The cool...

Generating sound in Flash 10

Generating sound in Flash 10


One of the new features to make it into Flash 10 is the ability to generate software-based audio. There’s essentially...

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