Latest from Stefan Jones

Mystic Lantern


Last year I assembled a “Light Brick” kit (MAKE Magazine #18, Well, I actually just completed the circuit board....

Model Rocket Igniters


Modern commercial igniters can send a rocket soaring with just a touch of current. When inserted properly they’re very reliable....

Initiator Starter Set


This starter kit has been the standard introduction to high-power rocketry (motor types H and above) for 20 years, and for...

Astra 1


Hobby rocketry leader Estes Industries makes more than a dozen inexpensive launch sets (launch pad/rod, launch controller) for beginners, but...

Hi-Tech H45


If you want a more challenging high-power build experience, I like the Hi-Tech H45 kit. It’s big (2.63″ diameter and 49″...

Big Daddy


A few rungs up the ladder toward high power is Estes’ Big Daddy, a chunky, 3″- diameter model. While designed for...

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