How-To: Wedding Unity Candle

CRAFT: DIY Wedding

By Vanessa Coppola
I love the little details of a wedding, the details that give you a glimpse into the couple’s personality. Crafting something for your big day will not only give your wedding a more personal touch but it will also save you money (so you can have a larger dress budget, of course). I was a DIY bride when planning my wedding 3 years ago, and once of my favorite wedding projects was the unity candle. Not only was it such a simple project but, in my opinion, it looked so much better than any store-bought candle we could have purchased. I still love looking back at my wedding photos that capture all of the little handmade details that we incorporated, and I wish you the same nostalgic memories.

Wedding Unity Candle Materials


Pillar candle
2 taper candles
Transparent vellum paper
Glue dots
Double-sided tape can also work.
Gemstone scrapbooking embellishments I used buckle slides and gem dots.
Paper cutter


Wedding Unity Candle Step1
Step 1: Print your wedding logo horizontally on the vellum paper. I designed a simple monogram with our names and wedding date using Photoshop. Cut off about 1″ from the top and bottom of the vellum paper using a paper cutter.
Wedding Unity Candle Step2
Step 2: Attach the vellum paper to the pillar candle using a few glue dots in the back. Double-sided tape would also work for this project.
Wedding Unity Candle Step3
Step 3: Slide the buckle slide (you can find these in the scrapbooking aisles at your local craft store) on the ribbon and attach the ribbon to the pillar candle using a few glue dots. If you don’t like as much bling as I do, just attach the ribbon to the candle minus the buckle slide.
Wedding Unity Candle Step4
Step 4: Attach a ring of ribbon to the taper candles using glue dots, and add crystal scrapbooking embellishments to the candles for a little more sparkle.
Wedding Unity Candle Step5
Step 5: Enjoy your wedding day!
About the Author:
Author Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola crafts from her Arizona home, where she resides with her husband and two furbabies. They are happily expecting a baby boy in August. Vanessa is the author of The Crafty Nest, where she blogs about life and all things crafty.