How-To: Wine Cork Gift Wrapping

I save all of my wine corks – do you? One of the biggest search queries we get on Handmade Detroit is “wine cork crafts.” I’m thinking of things to do, and with this month’s focus on UpCraft-ing, try using your wine corks as package decorations for the next gift you want to give.

Start out with a favorite cork. If you have a cork that’s ripped up one end from being extracted, push it back together – take an eye hook and screw it in. Repeat on the other side.
Take some ribbon and tie it on to one end. I kept mine on the spool to use the least amount possible. Measure around the package and cut it close so that you have just a bit of slack to work with to tie off the other end once around the package.
Have fun with these! I used a few to decorate this gift. If the ribbon is a little loose, pinch the slack together on the back and tape it down. I also didn’t use wrapping paper – trying to be as green as possible. Encourage the recipient of the gift to save the cork and tie it on to a present they need to give, too.