Showcase Innovators

2013 Bay Area Innovation Showcase

Perhaps the defining experience of the Workshop is the Tuesday evening event: a unique opportunity to casually engage with over two dozen makers who have their cutting-edge products and devices on display. Partly a mini Maker Faire designed for maker pros, partly a social, networking event in the middle of a packed agenda. Creating an almost magical atmosphere where hardware innovation and creative genius generates spirited ideation, the Innovation Showcase is not to be missed.

Check out the lineup of startups in the 2013 Innovation Showcase:

  • ArduSat
  • Bia Sport
  • Circuits i.o.
  • Dash Robotics
  • Dynamo Development Labs
  • Electric Imp
  • Lockitron
  • LumiGeek
  • Lumio
  • MakieLab
  • Nomiku
  • OpenXC, Ford Motor Company’s Silicon Valley Lab
  • Pebble
  • Pinoccio
  • Robot Garden
  • SandBoxr
  • Scout Alarm
  • Skycatch
  • SMLD (State Machine Logic Demonstrator)
  • Solar Pocket Factory
  • Tesseract Industrial