Jessica and Nicholas’ Wedding

CRAFT: DIY Wedding

Jessica and Nicholas had their own DIY wedding last summer, complete with their own memorable website:

I got married last year and my wedding was completely DIY– everything except the cake was either handmade, thrifted, or borrowed. My mother, aunt, mother-in-law, and I each made all the food for the event hundreds of macarons, fruit tarts, mini quiches. I think the food was the most work! My mother also made my sisters’ bridesmaid dresses, her dress, my husband’s vest, and the under-dress that I wore beneath my 100+ year old handmade lace wedding gown (which I found on eBay)! If someone’s wedding clothes weren’t homemade, they were thrifted. I think my wedding party was one of the most well-dressed ever, and for very cheap! I spent months tracking down vintage plates, vintage napkins, and glass pieces for the tables, and hand dyed fabric to accent the center of each table. I am so lucky to have so many talented family members and friends!

Jessicawedding Macarons Tarts
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Jessicawedding Cardsfans
Jessicawedding Cards
Jessica: My husband and I designed and silk-screened every invitation and also 100 paper fans/programs to keep our guests cool on that warm August night.
Jessicawedding Cake-1
Jessica: My husband made the wooden cake stand our cake sat on, and my mom spent countless hours crafting each sugar paste flower that went on top.
Jessicawedding Flowers