Lamps from Discarded X-Mas Trees


Discarded Christmas trees are a blight on Brooklyn curbs in January, even well into February. Local designers in et al. collaborative took it upon themselves to turn these dead decorations into something more lovely, and came up with these lamps called fLume.

Influenced by themes of revival, nostalgia and nature, the trees have been returned to the focal point of light in the home as lamps. et al.’s found materials come not only from holiday trees, but also fallen from storms, and discarded from landscaping projects. Each of the trees is carefully stripped of its branches and pine needles, which are donated to a neighboring rooftop garden for mulch. The fLume lamps are minimalist and organic, staying true to form. The pieces are intended for display according to what suits their natural shape; table top, hanging and floor standing. Each piece is one of a kind and uses exposed filament bulbs of various shapes and sizes.

[via Core77]