Arduino for You!

Since its inception, the Arduino has been an extremely powerful tool for tinkerers, artists, and makers. The extensive documentation and passionate community have really made the Arduino a fixture in the maker world. If you attend Maker Faire, you’re going to see Arduino all over the place. Beginners and experts alike love to use them. Ask around and you’ll learn how so many makers’ journeys started with Arduino.

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A Bit More

This collection is primarily full of step-by-step Arduino projects and tutorials that you can recreate in your own home. Here’s just a taste of what’s inside:
  • The Arduino Arm Family
  • LED Pipe Dreams
  • DIY Fingerprint Scanning Lock
  • Arduino Borealis
  • Open Smart Cam
  • Budget VR Haptic Gloves
  • Print-A-Synth
  • Travel Light
We hope you enjoy this mashup, and you never know, there might even be more project tutorials coming! 
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