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Patsy Kline’s personal kitty ladder was commissioned by my friend Gail. She was hoping to build a cat ladder entrance to a 16-foot second story window. Patsy the cat lives with five dogs and one of those dogs is a bit of an aggressive wiener dog named Daisy.  Gail wanted to give Patsy access to the outside free from the other dogs, so she could can enjoy the wonder of the world. She looked online and found lots of examples of cool cat ladders. She imagined using a treated 4×4 post and I encouraged her to allow me to find a piece of wood that would work for the job.


Posted by: Travis Skinner | Thursday August 1st, 2013 1:20 PM

Bio: I work with wood and metal. I'm a carpenter and a blacksmith. I've been building things for my occupation and I would love to share my projects with your audience. Thanks

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