Arduino’s GPRS shields are becoming popular these days. They enable developers to build applications that use ubiquitous GPRS networks. A variety of Arduino compatible GPRS shields are available in the marketplace that uses popular GPRS modules from providers such as SIMCOM, Telit, Quectel etc.

GPRS devices uses AT commands as the primary way of communication with the outside world. AT commands are used to execute various modem features such as data call, voice call, HTTP, network registration, SMS, Phonebook, signal quality, SIM interface, device info, AT Commands etc.

AT Command Tester is a free online tool that can used to test various GPRS features of Arduino-compatible GPRS shields. With AT Command Tester, developers can quickly learn and test GPRS features in an easy to use interface.

In this example, we’ll use the Arduino’s Quectel M10 GPRS shield that has been recently launched. The shield is connected to the Arduino Uno board which is then connected to the PC through the Arduino’s USB interface as shown below.

Arduino shield

Before using the AT Command Tester with the shield, you need to establish a serial communication with the PC and Arduino shield. Now you’re ready to use the AT Command Tester. Select the port that the Arduino board is connected to the PC. Set the baud rate which should be same as the speed that is configured in the modem. Then connect to the modem on the AT Command Tester.

At Command Tester

Users can single AT command under ‘Command Mode’ tab or batch of AT commands under ‘Script Mode’ tab. Basic modem diagnostics information can be obtained under the ‘Diagnostics’ tab. AT Command Tester provided interface to test specific modem features such as voice call, data call, SMS, network selection, HTTP, FTP, TCP/UDP, GPS etc.

AT Command Tester is a free online tool available at which provides valuable information for M2M application developers.


Posted by: Sam | Thursday May 23rd, 2013 9:31 AM

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