The population density of San Francisco exceeds 17,000 per square mile. The small peninsula occupies only 46 square miles and is home to many a motorcyclist. Many motorcycle owners in the SF Bay Area don’t have a garage – rents for a motorcycle space in a shared garage can run more than a full apartment in other areas of the country. This leaves someone with mechanical knowledge no where to do basic maintenance on their bike.

Enter “Wrench It Yourself”. Wrench it Yourself is a DIY Motorcycle Maintenance facility inside an existing motorcycle repair cooperative in Emeryville – Addiction Motors. The space is fully equipped with two lifts, two sets of basic mechanic’s tools and a large assortment of specialty tools such as a compression tester, torque wrenches and feeler gauges. Stations are available for rent in one hour increments and discounts are applied for multiple hours and when purchased pre-paid in bulk.

There is also a learning component – the space will house regular classes on basic maintenance topics such as suspension, changing oil, and chain maintenance. Should a client get in over their head, there are several trained and certified mechanics on hand who are available for consultation in 15 minute increments.

We think this model will not take anything away from the mechanic’s business – instead we think it will be an innovative way to introduce motorcyclists to our shop, get them involved with the safe maintenece of their bike and cause them to become loyal clients with our mechanics for jobs which exceed their mechanical knowledge and ability.

If you are in the Bay Area, we welcome you to our space. We’re located at 4052 Watts Street in Emeryville right next to Pixar Studios and inside the walls of Addiction Motors.


Posted by: Jay Larson | Sunday October 28th, 2012 1:50 PM

Bio: 44 year old software engineer turned motorcycle repair collective partner. Assisted with the start up of Addiction Motors in 2011, a repair collective consisting of several independently owned motorcycle related business under the umbrella of Addiction Motors. Founded "Wrench It Yourself", A DIY Motorcycle Maintenance facility in 2012

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