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Dear MAKE,

Six months ago, you helped us announce the first women’s hackerspace, Mothership HackerMoms, on your awesome blog. With your help, we’ve grown, doubled our membership since then and have launched a Kickstarter for equipment, construction, and programs. Recently Boing Boing, 510families.com, and the Mini Maker Faire in Oakland have supported us. Would you consider putting our news on MAKE? Here’s more info, including a press release, website article, and of course, the Kickstarter itself at http://mothership.hackermoms.org/.

I’m Sho-Sho Smith, founder of Mothership HackerMoms, the first women’s hackerspace. We are a new kind of playground and workspace for creative mothers. After 6 months in our space, we need your help to build a workshop with tools and equipment, plus create a kids program and business incubator for moms inside it. HackerMoms just launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to accomplish this. I hope that you can help us with a donation pledge and by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and by email. With your help, we can make our $10,000 goal by the November 18 deadline. Your dollars will go towards tools and equipment, a DIY construction fund (we are the builders), and hired experts. As budget-conscious moms made a list (of course) you can read with cost detailed in our Kickstarter description.

We started our non-profit organization in April 2012 because traditional hackerspaces don’t really have safe spaces for babies and young children – or, consequently, their mothers. Our mission is to give creative moms the time and space to explore DIY craft and design, hacker/maker culture, entrepreneurship, and all manner of creative expression – with childcare. Mothers sometimes need a room of their own! Learn more about who we are and our philosophy at http://mothership.hackermoms.org/.


Posted by: Sho-Sho Smith | Sunday October 28th, 2012 1:51 PM

Bio: Sho Sho Smith worked professionally for 15 years as a business writer for Fortune 500 companies in finance, technology and retail industries before she went rogue. She is a corporate dropout turned social entrepreneur, MFA turned freelance writer, design lover turned hacker/maker and former militant anti-breeder.Sho-Sho founded Mothership HackerMoms in the midst of her husband’s battle with cancer. She needed a positive project that reinforced her values of creativity, community and motherhood. HackerMoms saved her life, and by extension, her family’s life.Her motto for HackerMoms, for herself and her two young daughters is, “Be a Pattern for the world.”

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  1. What a fabulous idea. You go girls! And teach your children, male and female, to be Makers. I’m about to check out your Kickstarter campaign.

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