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LiveCode is a cross platform/cross-device development environment that uses an easy-to-use, English-like language. The idea is that anyone, not just a software developer, can write code for games and apps.

What is especially interesting is that LiveCode is currently running a KickStarter project to build the next generation of LiveCode as an open source IDE, available for free for students, schools and hobbyists.¬†As part of the LiveCode’s next generation it can now be run on Raspberry Pi, making it even more accessible to students and hobbyists.

The lineage of LiveCode goes back to HyperCard, which was shipped for free by Apple on millions of computers starting in 1987. It was developed under the name MetaCard as a HyperTalk compatible development environment starting in 1992, purchased and renamed Revolution by RunRev Ltd. in Scotland, and is now named LiveCode. HyperCard stack files can be imported into LiveCode, and with few modifications can be fulling functional in LiveCode.

Read more about LiveCode here.


Posted by: David Simpson | Monday February 25th, 2013 2:49 PM

Bio: David Simpson is the President of .com Solutions Inc. a FileMaker database developer since 1986 (when it was distributed/developed by Forethought/Nashoba Systems). David has done PHP and Perl development for web applications, LiveCode development for stand-alone applications, worked as a UNIX system administrator and DBA on a variety of SQL database servers including Oracle and SQL Server, and done development with many SQL databases including (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Access, Bento, Firebird, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and Valentina).As the President of .com Solutions Inc., David has developed desktop software for FileMaker developers including FmPro Migrator Developer Edition and FmPro Script Diff.

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  1. Mark Wieder on said:

    The Kickstarter open-source project is in its home stretch now.

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