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I was tired of running downstairs to power cycle my cable modem twice a day when it lost internet connectivity or as they say in the cable industry “flapped.”

So after upgrading the cable modem, replacing all of my interior cabling, connectors and terminations and eliminating all but one professional grade splitter with no reduction in modem flaps, I had two options.  One was to call my cable provider and ask them to evaluate the integrity of all of the fiber-optic cable, copper wiring, connectors and terminations between the cable head end and my residence.  I would also ask them to install an additional network node in my neighborhood to reduce the number of “homes passed” on the network node servicing our home. (Ref.1)  My other option was to try the DIY approach.  It seemed prudent to choose the latter.


Posted by: John Hobson and Efrain Olivares | Thursday October 31st, 2013 2:02 PM

Bio: Retired MD who has been tinkering with things electronic since I was a kid.

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  1. Is this cable modem “flapping” a common thing? Mine stays on for months at a time, basically it gets reset whenever there’s a power failure.

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