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tesla group

Members of X-Labs pose with their Tesla coil.

Members of the student organization X-Labs in Tampa, a University of Florida hackerspace, have built a 10-foot tall dual-resonant solid-state Tesla coil, an electrical transformer circuit, capable of producing alternating-current electricity. And…it plays music.

The Tesla coil will be presented at the USF Engineering Expo on Feb. 22-23.

“I wanted to have science demos to show kids at the Expo,” Joe Register, founder of X-Labs and a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering, told The Oracle, the university’s newspaper. “Our goal is to have a Blue Man Group-like show.”

Register said it takes an hour to set up the coil, which operates at a low frequency, with sparks ranging between 10 and 15 feet on full power.

Check it out:



Posted by: Joe Register | Tuesday February 12th, 2013 11:24 AM

Bio: Im a PhD Student in Electrical Engineering at USF.

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  1. This is not at the University of Florida. It’s the University of South Florida.

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