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How Fireworks Work

How Fireworks Work


A look inside of the fireworks and how they go about painting the sky with fire, light, and color.

Paper Flower Centerpiece


Paper Flower Centerpiece By Cathy Callahan A centerpiece made with fresh flowers adds a nice touch to the tables for...

Shirred Pillowcase Top


Shirred Pillowcase Top By Betz White When summer heats up I am definitely on the lookout for cool summer tops....

DIY Eco-Hip Accessories


DIY Eco-Hip Accessories By Nancy Minsky Here are three hip accessory projects that you can make yourself. They are imaginatively...

DIY Feather Barrettes


DIY Feather Barrettes By Tina Barseghian Inspired by so many beautiful (but expensive) feather barrettes we’ve seen at our favorite...

Forget-Me-Not Bridal Headpiece


Forget-Me-Not Bridal Headpiece By Brookelynn Morris The tiny blue flowers of the romantically named forget-me-not are the perfect bridal accessory....

Lost Knowledge: Online resources

Lost Knowledge: Online resources


The weekly Lost Knowledge column explores the possible technology of the future in the forgotten ideas of the past (and...

Flashback: Hydroponic Veggie Garden


Back in CRAFT Volume 09, the multi-talented Brookelynn Morris opened our eyes to the wonders of growing a garden hydroponically....

Darn It!


Now, let me just start out by saying that I am no darning expert. My grandmother taught me how to...

101: Ikebana


Ikebana is known as the art of Japanese flower arranging. But it is directly translated as the arrangement of plant...

441 - 460 of 498 results