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Stitch for Senate


Cat at MicroRevolt announced the launch of her new site Stitch for Senate on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq...

Scent as a Memory Aid


There’s a study in the journal Science (abstract here) that found that recent declarative memories (facts and experiences) were better...

Environmental heresies


The New York Times has an article about Stewart Brand (Whole Earth Catalog, WELL) – he uses hackers/hacks in a...

National Geographic phone


If you’re a world traveler, this phone doesn’t “look” good, but the plan sure does… No contract, incoming calls free...

Tag a tower in Rotterdam


The Graffiti Research Lab wants *you* – “Calling all writers, street artists, prankster, bikers, protesters, citizens and untouchables! The Graffiti...

821 - 840 of 871 results

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