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Joey’s bottle cap headphones


[Photo from Connors934 on Flickr] This speaker project was part of the electricity and electronics class at DHS. The parts...

Crochet Cola Bottle Tree


Craftster cateus cut up soda bottles into string and crocheted the plastic into a tree.

2 Liter Water Bottle Recycling


Here are 8 ways to recycle the common 2 liter plastic soda bottle. Did you know…Americans throw away 2 million...

PET Bottles Shredder


Phil @ MAKE writes: This device “shreds” plastic bottles to make them easier to carry and to make crafts with...

Chandelier of bottles

Chandelier of bottles


These are lovely! Chandeliers made from used plastic soda bottles! – [via] Link.

Recycled Bottle Chandeliers


Kevin Kelly points us to these amazing pictures of chandeliers made from recycled plastic bottles in certain parks in St....

Bottlecap Pincushions

Bottlecap Pincushions


Here’s a great way to reuse those plastic bottle caps from soda or water botttles — create a bottlecap pincushion....

How-To: Soda Can Truck Toy


UK-based maker Dave Hax shares his template and instructions on how to make this playful toy truck using 12 cans,...

81 - 100 of 450 results