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Homebrew pipe organ


Matthias Wandel build an incredible pipe organ, check out the story, sound samples and the build photos, he writes –...

Artists in metal – Wm. Dubin


The Internet Craftsmanship Museum has a great profile on Wm. Dubin – “Wm. Dubin started his career as a sculptor...

Old scanner = light table


Matt writes – “Well, my wife recently asked me to build her a small light table for her to use...

Gamecube reliquary


What a great way to display a console, Cole @ Deviantart writes – “This is a little piece I did...

Make a bow


Dejapong writes – “Make a hardwood bow with no special tools, setups or working space for under 20 bucks. Everything...

HOW TO – Make a Dalek


Drew writes "The quarter-scale dalek I was working on (which I mentioned in a previous Make blog comment) is now...

The Homemade Pipe Organ


Excellent site documenting a homemade pipe organ - Maker Raphi writes "The following website describes the process of how I...

Make a soda bottle raft


Here's a Flickr photo set of a working raft made out of 120 2 liter soda bottles. The bottles are...

Make your own crypt


Roland sent along this great DIY site for building Halloween settings "For Halloween 2004, we added a spooky crypt to...

1601 - 1620 of 1623 results
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