EZ-EL Wire/LED Light Wheelchair

This guide will teach you how to deck out your very own wheelchair with EZ-EL Wire! For more cool ideas check out https://ez-el.com/tutorials! The EZ-EL Wire Kit you will need for this project can be purchased at http://www.ez-el.com/catalog/products. Enter coupon code MAKEwheelchair at checkout for a discount! Read more »

Covert Listening Book

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_auRoqrbnUA?wmode=opaque&w=620&h=349] Connect a shirt pocket “amplified listener” hearing aid with an in-car FM transmitter, and you’ve got a wireless bug. Tuck them inside a hollowed-out book with the mic concealed by the dust cover, and you’ve got a covert listening device that you can leave lying around or on... Read more »

Super-Simple Audio Cellbot

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPhAD0m1zvo?wmode=opaque&w=560&h=315]Celljoust! What is a cellbot? A cellbot is a small robot using a smartphone as the brain. They can be autonomous or remotely controlled over the Internet. There are many different types of cellbots, but they typically share the following features: Small; around 6 in. square, less then 1... Read more »

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