PID temperature controller JLD 612

Universal Temperature Controller for

Universal Temperature Controller for $70

A while ago we built a $50 dollar sous vide machine to start messing around with sous vide cooking. We loved it, and it has been precise and stable over a long period of time. However, we thought it’d be awesome to create a brain that could control anything based on the thermocouple output. Something […]

Digital Cheese Vat / Sous Vide Circulating Bath

Digital Cheese Vat / Sous Vide Circulating Bath

Cheesemaker Yoav Perry writes: When I began thinking about a sous vide machine that would not cost $400-$5000, I immediately began to understand the enormous potential it has to make a perfect cheese vat. At first, I did sous vide in the cheese vat and that’s where I met Lisa and Abe who inspired me […]

Sous Vide Immersion Heater for

Sous Vide Immersion Heater for $50

See the original article on our blog. A sous vide device shouldn’t be just a popular trend in restaurants and foodie kitchens. It can be a practical and essential addition to any home. In fact, it’s not so unlike a convection oven; the only difference is that it uses water to conduct heat and it […]