Maker Faire Atlanta Slideshow

Although I wasn’t able to photograph everything I saw at the Faire this year, here’s a few of the things I saw that were really great. From robots, to a little hovercraft, the many exhibits there made for a really entertaining and possibly even educational day! Read more »

S&T Geotronics at the Atlanta Maker Faire

There were many amazing things at the Faire this year, but the wide assortment of hackish items at the S&T Geotronics booth really caught my attention. The first thing that drew me in to the booth was the replica of a “stereotypical” bomb with a timer attached to it. Although... Read more »

Random Sightings at the Atlanta Maker Faire

Inflatable robot

At the Atlanta Maker Faire this year, I stopped by many booths, talked to many people, and learned a lot about their projects. There were, however, a few exhibits that I saw that either need no explanation, or I just didn’t get one. Fortunately, I took pictures of a lot... Read more »

Lombric&Co at Maker Faire Paris

The Lombric project was born from an ecological concern. People are producing more and more trash, especially in Urban settlements. Organic cooking wastes are often thrown into the trash in urban settlements, whereas rural people collect them and process them into compost. This box is aiming to do the same but in... Read more »

Maker Week for Teachers

We know teachers are the quintessential makers, because they are making the makers of the future. And the best teachers we know love to roll up their sleeves and take on do-it-yourself projects with their students. This week running up to Maker Faire, and over the weekend, we and our friends at... Read more »

Tips for Makers: The Basics of Boothing

It’s not enough to just make something—it’s also important to be able to tell others about your project and why it is great. Collect photos, sketches, prototypes, failed pieces of your project: anything that tells the story of how and why your projects came to be. Maker Faire attendees love... Read more »

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