Maker Hangar 2 ep7: Maker Trainer 2 Build

In this episode of Maker Hangar, I show you how to build the entire Maker Trainer 2! You'll learn how to cut out the PDF plans and glue the airplane together, then how to paint the airplane, install all the electronics, secure all the wires, and program the radio so... Read more »

Maker Hangar ep6: Maker Trainer 2

In this episode of Maker Hangar, I give you an intro to the Maker Trainer 2. See the changes and improvement I made from the old design and see all the advantages of this new plane. In the next episode, I'll will show us how to build the entire airplane,... Read more »

Maker Hangar 2 ep2: Tricopter Build Part 1

In this episode of Maker Hangar, I show you how to assemble the motor mounts and body halves of the tricopter. You’ll also learn what CA adhesives are and what they can be used for. Next episode, I’ll show you how to finish building the tricopter, so stay tuned! Maker Hangar Tricopter Kit / Additional... Read more »