Mark Frauenfelder Presents Maker Faire

Start the playlist: Today MAKE editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder would like to introduce you to some of his favorite makers, and the projects they've brought to Maker Faire. If you don't know about Maker Faire, it's a festive two-day exhibition of DIY invention and creativity held annually in several locations... Read more »

Mobile Front Porch has all Homely Accessories

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Zac Carroll and his team created a moveable Front Porch that is towed by a vintage tractor. He brought this creation to Maker Faire Bay Area and demonstrates its early 20th century period styling. Read more »

Modular Electric Guitar Frameworks: Praxis Zero

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Andrew Benson's Praxis Zero guitars are modular frameworks for guitars that can have interchangeable bodies, and can have their specs easily changed to suit the needs of the player. All the parts are sculpted with a CNC router and were on display at... Read more »

Art Car Inspired by Pre-Cambrian Creature: Opabinia Regalis

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Opabinia Regalis was a Precambrian creature that has been reborn as a a fire spewing art bike. Crafted by Kurt Pires, this extinct animal on wheels makes the rounds at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 while being used as a teaching tool for... Read more »

Haptic GPS Points Cyclists in the Right Direction: Mapbag

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Josh Billions demonstrates the Mapbag at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. It is a bicycle messenger bag with a ring of vibrating motors sewn into its strap, whose positions correspond to compass points. This soft circuit project uses a Lilypad in conjunction with... Read more »

Shopbot, Automation. and Imagination: Context Furniture

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Bryce Moore talks to us about furniture, commodification, and democratic design from his shop in the nearly abandoned basement of Northland Mall in Detroit. We also learn about how his ShopBot and automation make custom, high-end design possible, even in a fluctuating economy.... Read more »

Robotic Sculpture Made from Scrap: Homunculus

Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Nemo Gould brings Homunculus to Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 - a garbage robot fashioned from carefully selected reused parts. The head is a recycled voltmeter that's been flipped upside down, and his guts include woodwind parts and vacuum tubes. Gould maintains an... Read more »