Projects with Ryan Slaugh: Active Filters & Tool Suggestions

Over the last few videos I have highlighted helpful circuits. In this video, I highlight an active filter setup utilizing an operational amplifier. Filters are very helpful when working with analog signals.  Often the range of frequencies needed are not across the entire band, therefore you need to filter out... Read more »

Projects with Ryan Slaugh: Simple Amplifier

[youtube=] Building upon my last video, I’ve decided to make a simple circuit using some op-amps.  One is the general op-amp LM741. The other is a specific op-amp, LM386, that is designed for audio amplification. This circuit can be used to amplify microphones or be used as a circuit sniffer... Read more »

Projects With Ryan Slaugh: DIY gas Leak Detector

The Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit, found in the Makershed, gives you the components needed to detect different kinds of gases. In this episode of "Projects with Ryan Slaugh", we will go through the steps of setting up the base experiment from the book included with the kit. Read more »

Getting Started with Arduino Mini and FTDI

[youtube=] In this episode of “Projects with Ryan Slaugh” I highlight using the Arduino Mini with the FTDI Friend. Normally, using an Arduino is as simple as plug and play into your USB. With the Mini, however, you need to use the FTDI Friend. The Friend itself is a simple device that... Read more »

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