3-Servo Walking Robot – The Latest in Hobby Robotics

How do you make a walking biped robot, with only 3 servos? In this episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits Lyneborg from letsmakerobots.com shows you his inventive way of doing just that. The programs used the robot on the video can be downloaded here: letsmakerobots.com/​node/​29379 Tools needed are... Read more »

The Latest In Hobby Robotics 18

Kids and cheap RC cars is a bad mix. In reality kids cannot control these things - so they end up slamming into things, and keep pressing "forward" while the poor vehicle is facing a wall. With the purpose of preparing you for some nifty programming tricks in the next... Read more »

The Latest in Hobby Robotics 16

Do you know how to make a robot, and could you come up with 100 inspiring ideas for cool robot projects? In this weeks episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits is taking up the challenge, starting out with the basics of robot building, and quickly moving on to... Read more »

The Latest In Hobby Robotics 15

Multicopters is an exciting new area of hobby robotics. They are also sometimes known as UAV's, and essentially they are "flying hobby robots". They are made with a center that holds micro controllers, sensors, receivers, transmitters, power and payload. Pointing out from the center are a number of pins holding... Read more »

The Latest In Hobby Robotics 14

Walking on 2 feet is not that hard... or is it? The answer is "yes," if you are a robot. Well, at least it's an ongoing challenge. In this weeks edition of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Andrew and Frits are looking at some inspiring home made biped robots. Here... Read more »

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