The Latest in Hobby Robotics 05

More info: Links of interest: Ignoblegnome, see his robots here: Frits Lyneborg, host: Isotope's Laydybug: Nuumio's LadyBugBot clone: Skaterj10′s Freedom555bot: Tyberius's Giger v4 Custom Humanoid Robot: Read more »

The Latest in Hobby Robotics 06

In this weeks show, Rik and Frits are taking a look at one of the oldest, yet still most popular simple and fun hobby robot projects: "The Sumo". Also in this show, a look at a very impressive piece of a hand made full metal robot that looks like it... Read more »

The Latest in Hobby Robotics 04

Rik and Frits Lyneborg from are back with an update on what's the coolest and latest on the Hobby Robotics scene. Links to projects commented this week: Patrickmccabe's Lottery Simulation Geir Andersen's Sea Rendering OddBot's SplatBot MkII Mr g000ze's Marblephone the Melody Machine Gareth's... Read more »