Asus Tinker Board S

Asus Tinker is a solid choice for a single board computer. It’s become my go to favorite when I want an SBC with a bit of oomph; one that can run a complex makefile without choking or keep a few browser tabs open without grinding to a crawl. With the... Read more »

Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit

It’s a good month to be a maker in Artificial Intelligence. March sees the launch of Nvidia’s Jetson Nano, the fourth board in their Jetson line for running robots and other autonomous machines. Earlier boards were more and more powerful, leading up to last year’s Jetson Xavier. Now, for the... Read more »

Google Coral AI Dev Board

We’re seeing a rush of new boards touting their AI support. Google’s dev board will be one to beat. Most current AI happens in supercomputing clusters, but this year we’re seeing a push to move AI to “the edge”, with the processing happening on the little devices scattered around... Read more »

RedBoard Edge

We’ve gotten so used to the Arduino layout it seems beyond question. You’ve got connections on both sides of the board, ready to be at the heart of an octopus-nest of cables. Great for prototyping. But what about when the prototype is done, and you’re ready to make a permanent... Read more »

Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express

I have a confession. I didn’t want to like this board. It was just a little too… overt. Do I dress mostly in black? Guilty as charged. Is “Floodland” the best album of the 1980s? If you’re asking me, yes. Making a project with a board decorated as a skull,... Read more »

Sony Spresense

Frame everything else you hear about Sony’s Spresense with this fact: It needs very little power to run. The board is built around the chipset Sony designed to run its smart earbuds. From the start, it needed to be able to run off a battery small enough to tuck behind... Read more »