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Tiertime Up Box

By Jim Rodda
Chris Yohe
Nov 14, 2015

Tiertime Up Box
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Tiertime Up Box

The sleek Up Box seems to target the prosumer market with good looks, functionality, and price.  The printer is easy to use, comes with lots of extras, and includes free lifetime tech support with purchase.


The proprietary printing software is a quick and easy install. Before the first print, users must manually level the print surface by alternatively turning thumbscrews and typing Z-axis values into the print software. Fortunately, this tedious process only needs to be done once: thereafter, the printer’s 9-point auto-leveling process adjusts the raft thickness to compensate for minor unevenness.

This machine includes a HEPA filter that all but eliminates the typical ABS fumes. It’s quiet, too; several times during our tests a visual inspection was required to confirm that the machine was still printing.


Print adhesion is perhaps too good, making the removal of finished prints off the perf board with a putty knife a fairly vigorous physical experience. Test prints using default settings were of average quality, but would have required significant trimming and sanding to completely remove

the raft from the bottom. Great marks on the horizontal finish and negative space tolerance probes gave way to less than average results on a fair number of tests, leading to a middle of the pack finish.

The bundled printing software feels cumbersome and clunky by modern standards, with little attention paid to establishing a smooth workflow. It crashed several times while choosing resolution settings, but a call to tech support resulted in a functional workaround.


The Up Box’s average print quality is a drawback for high-end design users and printing enthusiasts who want high quality prints. The higher price point may turn off some buyers, but those looking for an easy to use machine with a look that fits in an office or workspace might be willing to pay the premium.


This 3D printer is the same as the Up. It has a different color scheme and light software differences and includes free lifetime Afinia tech support. They’ve scored well in the past with their other machines.



Up Box Tiertime
Price As Tested:$1,899
Build Volume:255×255×205mm
Bed Style:Heated, Perf board
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament?:No
Temperature Control?:Yes, Tool head (260°C max)
Print Untethered?:Yes, Unplug USB after starting
Onboard Controls?:Yes
Host/Slicer Software:Up bundled slicer/ print software
OS:Mac, Windows
Open Software?:No
Open Hardware?:No
Maximum Decibels:67.1

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Why To Buy

The machine promises an easy out-of-the-box printing experience in an attractive, professional-looking body. Lifetime tech support is a huge plus, and the printer ships with plenty of extras to help users get going.

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Pro Tips

Use the buttons on the side of the printer as shortcuts to common printing tasks like initialization and bed preheating. Be sure to keep the print bed warm between prints, as it cools quickly and may take a few minutes to warm up.



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