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Deezmaker Bukito

By Chris Yohe / Nov 14, 2015

Deezmaker Bukito
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Deezmaker Bukito

If you go by the Bukito’s stature, you might get the notion that this small form factor printer is just another mini with middling results. You would be wrong. It scored well in our tests and seems to be as portable as Deezmaker claims. The primary drawback: A small build volume.


The first thing that catches your eye is the somewhat unique design. The open arms, rails, and mechanics are accentuated with laser cut and engraved housings around some of the stepper motors and electronics. The standard belts were replaced with a synchromesh drive system and the extruder is safely tucked behind a metal housing. A keyed power connector makes wiring it up a snap, and when we plugged it in the printer hummed to life, printing out default print-in-place spinning gears — a pleasant surprise.


We didn’t have enough time to fully test one of the most touted features: Portability. But moving the machine from table to table — even during printing — elicited no ill effects, and the sturdy nature of the machine made us feel that minor disturbances wouldn’t affect the prints too much.

According to the manufacturer, the machine works great in a variety of environments, requiring only a 12V 5Amp power source, making it plane, train, automobile, and apparently drone approved. (Use your own discretion in choice of venue.)


What seemed to be another cute, small, portable 3D printer provided great results. While it lacks the polished, boxy finish of some of the prosumer machines, the unique look and cheeky accents add to its charm and spunky nature.


Price As Tested:$849, $999 Limited Edition
Build Volume:125×150×125mm
Bed Style:Small
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament?:Yes
Temperature Control?:Yes, Tool head (295°C max)
Print Untethered?:Yes, SD card
Onboard Controls?:No, Autostart from SD card, manual reset
Host/Slicer Software:Repetier (host), Cura (slicing)
OS:Linux, Mac, Windows
Firmware:Open, Custom Azteeg x2D Firmware
Open Software?:Yes, Cura AGPLv3 (slicing)
Open Hardware?:No
Maximum Decibels:56

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Small form factor, portability, and open design come together to deliver much better than expected results, at a slightly higher than expected price.

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Pro Tips

Go online for the latest setup information. Take your favorite (or current) print, throw it on the SD card as auto0.g and hit reset. Voila: Auto printing and your computer is freed for other uses. Take your time to get the build plate leveled in. Once it was leveled it printed rock solid.


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