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Felix 3.1

By Philip J. Angileri / Nov 6, 2018

Felix 3.1
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Felix 3.1

I’ve seen a lot of high-performing, sub-$1,000 printers on the market, but what sets apart $2,000 machines — like the Felix 3.1 — is robust construction.

Solid Structure

Linear rails add stability. I wouldn’t think twice about running this machine at higher speeds. The high-temp, direct drive extruders are also suitable for materials beyond PLA and ABS.

Solid Printing

Felix 3.1 produced good results with no jams or skips, and the option for dual extrusion opens up the opportunity for separate support material. Plus, it was quiet for an open-air design. While the price might put off some hobbyists, it’s clear Felix is targeting professionals and schools with the construction, upgradeability, lifetime support, and easy portability.

Felix 3.1 Felix Printers
Manufacturer:Felix Printers
Price as Tested:$2,150
Build Volume:255×205×225mm (single extrusion) 240×205×225mm (dual extrusion)
Bed Style:Heated with Kapton tape
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes
Temp Control:Yes, extruder (275°C max); bed (95°C max)
Print Untethered:Yes, USB, SD card
Onboard Controls:Yes, single control knob (rotary/push)
Host/Slicer Software:Simplify 3D (recommended; vendor provided custom profile), Felixbuilder (yearly subscription), Repetier-Host
OS:Mac, Windows, Linux
Firmware:Vendor provided
Open Software:No
Open Hardware:No

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Why To Buy

If your budget is in the $2K range, the Felix 3.1‘s bulletproof construction, reliability, and customer service make it an attractive buy.

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