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i3 MK2/S Multi Material

By Ryan Priore / Nov 6, 2018

i3 MK2/S Multi Material
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i3 MK2/S Multi Material

Prusa’s Multi Material upgrade for the i3 MK2/s printer brings 4-color printing without compromising the single color printing quality and workflow.

Smooth Transitions

You don’t have to commit to a particular extruder when slicing, which makes switching between colors as simple as selecting the appropriate extruder number in software. But be prepared: Multimaterial printing is a long process, especially by 3D printing terms.

Two nitpicky comments: the amount of wasted filament as part of the purge plate process, and upon canceling a print the filament is expelled by default.

Great Value, Broad Appeal

The MK2S MM printer blew through our testing probes and then went on to dazzle us with its multicolor tricks. At a mere $299, the MM upgrade is a no-brainer.

Prusa i3 MK2/S Multi Material Prusa Research
Manufacturer:Prusa Research
Price as Tested:$1,198 (kit only: $299)
Build Volume:250×210×200mm (quad extrusion)
Bed Style:Heated with PEI print surface
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes
Temp Control:Yes, extruder (300ºC max); bed (120ºC max)
Print Untethered:Yes, SD card
Onboard Controls:Yes, clickable scroll wheel with LCD
Host/Slicer Software:PrusaControl and custom Prusa Slic3r
OS:Mac, Windows, Linux
Open Software:Yes, GNU GPLv3
Open Hardware:Yes, GNU GPLv3

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Why To Buy

The Multi Material upgrade is the most economical method of bringing 4-color 3D printing to an already powerhouse machine.

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