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MakeIt Pro-L

By Chris Yohe / Nov 6, 2018

MakeIt Pro-L
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MakeIt Pro-L

Aimed at a slightly higher market, the MakeIt Pro-L provided decent print quality with a large surface area.

Novel Features

At the back of the bed is a great nozzle cleaning wipe pad that helped during printing. The Pro-L also touts a novel “duplication” feature, taking advantage of the dual extruders for small prints.

Premium Price, Average Results

The printer itself functioned fine, but the high price was not met with high-quality results. The included documentation was good for troubleshooting feeding and clogging issues with the extruders and hot ends, but there were a few too many for our taste. Some cooling enhancements could help, but the biggest hurdle is the price. If you’re putting together a print farm, the Pro-L may fulfill your batch printing needs, but be ready to get your hands dirty.

MakeIt Pro-L MakeIt
Price as Tested:$4,399
Build Volume:305×254×330mm (single and dual extrusion)
Bed Style:Heated aluminum; magnetic removable steel sheet with Ultralex
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes
Temp Control:Yes, extruder (275°C max); bed (120°C max)
Print Untethered:Yes, USB, SD card
Onboard Controls:Yes, LCD screen and scroll wheel
Host/Slicer Software:Cura, MatterControl, Simplify3D
OS:Mac, Windows, Linux
Open Software:No
Open Hardware:No

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A large, sturdy build platform paired with dual extruders and utilitarian design makes this a workhorse for professional users.

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