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Printrbot Smalls Limited Edition

By Ryan Priore / Jan 19, 2018

Printrbot Smalls Limited Edition
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Printrbot Smalls Limited Edition

Although the Smalls may look like the Printrbot Simple’s little brother, it boasts a larger print volume, a smaller overall footprint, and perhaps even a little more personality and panache.

Limited vs. Standard

The Limited Edition features a slightly larger build platform, linear rails over the standard’s linear rods, and an attractive wood trim exterior. At $500 it’s also pricey compared to the $398 standard and $298 kit and doesn’t come with a heated bed.

A Reliable Machine

The prints looked fantastic, and the auto-tramming operation led to a solid “set and forget” print process. A Cura profile is supplied for the Smalls, but I needed to manually edit the machine settings in order to achieve the full benefits of the build area. The stock speeds also seemed a bit slow, but I’ll take quality prints over quickness.

Printrbot Smalls Limited Edition Printrbot
Price as Tested:$500
Build Volume:173×150×148mm
Bed Style:Non-heated aluminum print surface
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes
Temp Control:Yes, extruder (270ºC max)
Print Untethered:Yes, SD card
Onboard Controls:No
Host/Slicer Software:Cura
OS:Mac, Windows, Linux
Open Software:Yes, Cura is AGPLv3
Open Hardware:Yes, CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Why To Buy

Die-hard Printrbot fans will rejoice at the Smalls aesthetics, form factor, and overall simplicity, but the Limited Edition price may be a stretch over the standard Smalls.


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